Behind Aero Threads

If you're reading this blog, then you've probably come across our website, Instagram, Facebook, or Linkedin and may be wondering what the brand is about, or what it represents.

Aero Threads is a store for aviation enthusiasts. Whether you're a pilot, cabin crew, an engineer, or just simply an aviation enthusiast, this store is for you.

My name is Theo, and I am an aircraft engineer working for an airline in the UK. At some point late into 2019, I was browsing Etsy and stumbled upon a cringey, badly designed t-shirt (it was awful!) meant for an aviation enthusiast. A deeper look into this fashion niche made me realise that there wasn't a huge amount available, and what was, wasn't great!

Skip to May 2020, and I now find myself furloughed due to Covid-19. The boredom quickly set in, and I needed something to do to keep myself busy. As if by magic, whilst on an obligatory browse of Instagram, an ad for the cringey aviation t-shirt pops up on my feed and I realise that this would be the perfect time to throw my hat into the ring of badly designed aviation apparel.

I decided that I wanted to give people involved in the aviation industry our own brand. Not just a few funky t-shirts or cleverly designed hoodies, but an actual brand incorporating the industry as a whole.

We are rightly very proud of our industry, and the accomplishments within. Being an aircraft engineer myself, I know the journey it's taken for me to be here and it's something I pride myself on. Let's be honest, how many times are you hanging out with others in aviation and all you talk about is aviation? How does it feel to tell others that you are, for example, a pilot, or an engineer, or an air traffic controller? It's just in us, we love being a part of it and we love others to know we can do something that not everyone in the world can do. I want Aero Threads to convey that message of pride and passion for the aviation industry.

The kind of products we are looking to develop within Aero Threads is clothing and accessories. Keeping designs quite modest and subtle, and keeping products as high quality as we can.

If you have any further questions or comments, or just want to say hello, send us an email at hello@aerothreads.co or contact us on our social media pages. Be sure to follow and share with friends too.

Finally, if you like what Aero Threads is about and want to get behind the brand, check out our products, and let us know what you think.

Happy flying!

  • Jun 21, 2020
  • Category: Tech Log
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